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Outdoor Dining with a French Flair

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Outdoor Dining with a French Flair!
May 2006 – Vol 2, Issue 2

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Spring and Summer Suggestions

When we last wrote, we had just returned from major trade shows in Paris and Chicago with new items for our on-line catalog. Here’s information about some which will brighten your patio, porch or deck, or bring a bit of summer inside!

One of the new and exciting additions is a line of moderately priced polyester-Teflon coated tablecloths from Fleur De Lys. The item pictured is a 71” round Tablecloth in a poppy print available in yellow or beige trim, also available as a 65 x 100 rectangle. These cloths are practically impervious to dirt and stains and wash up easily. They are ideal for outdoor parties or everyday use, giving your patio the look of a Provencal sidewalk café.

Garnier-Thiebaut table linens are now available in 100% cotton jacquard weave with a Teflon coating for easy cleanup and care. Pictured is Mille Lights Bluet. Several Garnier Thiebaut styles have both coated and un-coated linens including tablecloths in many sizes, placemats and runners. Matching napkins are uncoated. Matching aprons and tea towels are available in several styles. See them in our e-store!

Laundry Pillow

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We have had a number of inquiries about round tablecloths and plain table skirts and napkins. Several of the Fleur De Lys and Garnier-Thiebaut patterns have rounds available which we have added to our catalog. Skirts and plain napkins from Beauville will be added soon.

Freshen your laundry with a French Lavender Pillow. The pillow is filled with French lavender and is packaged in a drawstring muslin sack along with scented oil to refresh the pillow; good for about 100 washings. Hang the bag in your closet to freshen your clothes too!

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