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The Tablecloth Lady

For many years, before, during and after the period we lived in France, I have been an advocate of the use of colorful and distinctive table linens as an important and functional part of home decor.  I’ve been somewhat dismayed to see that table linens are rarely incorporated in the home decorating magazines and literature, and would like to solicit your ideas or to contribute to our Tablescapes pages.

We started our business four years ago, selling table coverings online, and that business has continued to grow nicely.  We subsequently opened a store “The European Table” in Saint Paul, MN two years ago and have built a small but loyal following. Unlike in France or other areas of Europe, small specialty shops or boutiques like ours are somewhat rare.  In France, for example, almost every town has shops that feature traditional linens and housewares.  In the US, folks in small towns are increasingly limited to the big box stores and Wal Marts which do not carry high quality specialty items.  The internet and paper catalogs increasingly are the shopping source for these buyers.

Sometimes it seems that nobody knows you are in business and what products that you carry.  Recently, however, we participated in a temporary market, showing our wares along with several other small specialty retailers.  I was somewhat surprised when people I had never seen before exclaimed “Oh, you’re the tablecloth lady from over on St Peter Street!” or something similar.  So, I guess I’ve gotten a reputation…I think probably a good one.  I hope its not in the vain of “look out for the tablecloth lady…she’ll talk your ear off about table linens!

pirates of the caribbean dead man s chest movie In any case, I’ll lay claim to the title of “The Tablecloth Lady” and hope that I can encourage others to appreciate the beauty and functionality of table linens of all types.

If you have a tablescaping idea and pictures you would be willing for us to use on our site or in a newsletter, please contact us on the contact form

kenny dvd or directly to We would be pleased to send you a gift certificate for any stories we use.

Thank you,

-The Tablecloth Lady

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