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Pressure Cooking is Back!

Perhaps you remember your mother or grandmother using a pressure cooker many years ago.  Typically, it probably had a weight on top that served as a pressure gauge which rattled as it allowed steam to escape.  While they did a good job of cooking and saved time, they could be dangerous if not used properly.  They were heavy, sometimes did not seal properly, and could be opened while still under pressure with explosive results.

With the advent of packaged foods and microwave ovens, pressure cookers fell into dis-use.  Slow cookers fill some of the need for cooking foods that did not cook well in a microwave or standard cooktop, but require long cooking times and may lose nutrients and taste. 

Recently, the advantages of pressure cookers have been rediscovered.  With the increased emphasis on healthy cooking with local produce and avoidance of pre-packaged foods, many cooks have returned to more conventional means of cooking.  Still, our busy schedules dictate the need for preparing meals rapidly.

Modern pressure cookers were developed with technical improvements which enable multi-pressure cooking and provide multiple control and safety features not previously available.  Triple valve safety system and a safety lock to prevent opening while under pressure eliminate the hazards previously experienced. 

Pressure Cookers have regained popularity quickly in Europe, and are making a comeback in the U.S.  Cooks have re-discovered the advantages of cooking meals 70% faster, while retaining nutrients and flavors, and reducing the need for oils and fats for cooking. 

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