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Cristel – Stainless Steel with Flexibility & Convenience of Removable Handles

Cristel – stainless steel cookware is the leading consumer cookware in France. It combines the heat conductivity of aluminum and the wearability of stainless steel.  Cristel Multiply utilizes an aluminum core sandwiched between layers of stainless steel in both the bottom and sides of the cookware.

 An unique feature of the Cristel design is the use of removable handles.  Long handles attach for use with pans on the stove top.  Short handles can be used to stabilize larger pans and to use the pans as serving dishes. Cookware can be put in the oven without handles, and then moved to the table or counter with either short or long handles.

This also provides ease of storage.  Pans nest easily without the annoying handles taking up room in the cupboard or dishwasher.  Ideal for boating, Recreational vehicles and small kitchens.

Learn more about Cristel in this informative Cristel Video

Cristel removable handle cookware is available in two basic styles, with accessories common to both styles.  Their classic Agate series pioneered the removable handle technology and has been succeeded by the Zenith and Multiply lines. Cristel  re-introduced their new removable handle products and new fixed-handle versions of Zenith and Multiply in September 2011, now stocked in the US for faster delivery. 

New! Cristel is now offering two lines of fixed handle premium stainless steel cookware:

Strate-fixe Series features the same construction as Zenith, but with fixed handles CastleLine Series features the same construction as Multiply with stylishly designed fixed handles.

Click on the links below to see the entire collection and Buy Them Here: 

Zenith – L series with removable handles

Strate-Fixe with fixed handles


Zenith Cross Section

Even higher aspirations of pristine culinary beauty led Cristel® to introduce its second seriesfeaturing a brushed stainless outer finish, enveloping 3-ply base, and brushed stainless handles.



Multiply  with removable handles

CastleLine with fixed handles


Multiply Cross Section

The newest series from Cristel® features a highly lustrous finish with an extra layer of fully enveloped 5-ply aluminum for superior heat conductivity from the base and sides.



Accessories – Lids, Handles, Panoply organizers

Cristel provides interchangeable lids, handles and accessories to customize your cookware choice

 Contact us for pricing or See our selection of individual items and basic sets in the Cookware and Cutlery section of our catalog

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