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Riquewihr Gate Tower in eastern France on the Rhine is a continuing story of our enthusiasm for the people, places and traditional European culture, travel, cuisine and products, from France and beyond. Now, we also feature places and products in North America which reflect European culture and traditions. Originally we explored the region known in early history as Gaul. Gaul is located south and west of the Rhine River and is bounded on the north by the North Sea and on the south by the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees.  Therefore we adopted the name Gallic Traditions…still our corporate name.  Gradually, our attention turned to all of western Europe. The entire area has a rich and varied history as well as remarkably varied geography, and unique traditions reflecting their languages and cultures. Every road brings new vistas and opportunities for new experiences reflecting those traditions.

From time to time we will post articles and/or links to experiences we have had, trips we have taken, and restaurants or attractions we have visited in both Europe and North America which embrace European history, culture and technical progress

We hope you will enjoy our story and find this web site helpful and will visit it often as we add new information and experiences.

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Thank you for visiting . As we continue our journey searching out traditional products, places, and recommendations we will pass new findings on to you.

We will be shifting our attention to travel and dining experiences and recommendations.  If you would like to add your own comments and experiences or contribute articles, we would welcome them. Your questions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please visit often!

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